Digital Literacy with Everlasting Curiousity

Hi and thanks for your interest in our SaaS tools reviews journey.

I am Rina, founder of Smart Digital HQ and a small remote team of enthusiasts. 

Throughout almost 15 years of my career in IT sales, marketing, business development and entrepreneurship  as well as managing customer relations for a bunch of startups as a team lead I’ve used and tested tons of online software both for personal development and business starting from different website-builders, productivity and team management tools to marketing, sales and project management software, online learning and ai generation platforms,  customer relations and customer support tools, e-commerce and many more.

The Most Powerful Thing

The strongest and most powerful thing that keeps me going through life is, without any doubt, curiosity and willing to learn. I just would not survive without it. When I say it, I mean it.  Everytime I found myself down or in hard personal circumstances, this only trait of my character (and a bunch of people who are dear to me, of course) would turn me back to track. I am very thankful to mother nature for being generous and giving curiosity to me and for all the consequent knowledge, experiences, travelings and friendships it led to.

Over the years I’ve collected hundreds of pages in my notion, evernote and google docs with notes on entrepreneurship, online business ideas, digital marketing tools and business software and SaaS tools reviews, best software companies, interesting software tools use cases and practices. I’ve tested and tried tons of things, some of them worked, some not, but that never stopped me from experimenting.

I am exploring AI and digital generative art at the moment and it seems like more interesting discoveries are to come.

I’ve always been delighted by the thought of how much we can actually automate and how extremely powerful the right software tools implemented in the right time and business situation are. Whether we want to solve a business task or buy bitcoin or NFT for our personal investment portfolio, we cannot do it without appropriate software. Knowledge is power. Knowledge combined with the right tool, prompt  timing and action is just everything.

A Story Behind SaaS Tools Reviews

I come from Bulgarian and Ukrainian background. I can share a lot of untypical and uncommonly thought things about the beauty of Bulgaria and Ukraine, but I would never wrap up this small acquaintance post if I start doing  it here. I also traveled quite a lot and tested living for months in different countries. I am planning to test Portugal next, so feel free to drop me a line if you live in Portugal now.

I grew up in beautiful Bessarabia. I think it made a big impact on my “life without borders” mentality. When as a child you are always surrounded by endless plains and poppy fields where the horizon is the only limit, it is simply impossible to grow up different. 

My first strong personality crisis  hit me when I was 22, on the halfway to getting my bachelor’s diploma.

I’ve always been a perfect student with everything “with honors”. However, that was the time when I realized that I do NOT need any honors to live the life which is truly mine, to develop myself, to experiment and to be creative. I went completely “underground”, searching for myself and trying to “clarify it all”.

Because I am a learning geek, I still got that “honors” diploma, but far most important was that at that time I discovered entrepreneurial spirit as an inevitable part of my personality.

Another thing that influenced my inner changes even more is the birth of my wonderful son, who is a teenager now. I cannot say how endlessly and forever thankful I am for having him in my life. 

The father of my boy is not in this world anymore. We lived through it. That was my second biggest personality crisis and there are many emotional things to say about this. But let me leave it to myself. There is one I want to mention though: if you are reading these lines and, by some mysterious coincidence, you are a person who has ADHD or you suspect that you have ADHD – please, ask for help. Learn about it as much as possible. It will be lifesaving for you. Be aware that you are extremely powerful to do everything your way and be successful in it! But please, remember, that you also usually tend to underestimate physical risks. Please, don’t forget to take care of yourself. Your life is worth it.

If you ask me what gives me healing, the answer will be  – nature. I adore nature. I like hiking, walking long distances, riding a bike, mountains, forests and beaches.

I cannot even tell how much health, ideas and creativity all these activities bring.

Want to get unstuck, reset you “software” and systemise thoughts – go for a hike. It always worked for me.

The Discomfort of Bureaucracy

Back in the beginning of my career and mature life I realized that working for big corporations is not for me. When I do something meaningful, I always want to be flexible, express my creativity in full, have the possibility to test things and not to be burdened by artificial limitations or bureaucracy. So I never worked for big corporations. Be it good or bad.

I’ve always loved small or middle-sized teams where I can make real change and contribute to growth.

As I am naturally very curious and  empathic  and adore intellectual component of conversation I enjoyed talking to clients and discovering their needs. Coincidentally this is the exact thing that makes sales and business development work for software development teams.

So I found myself being quite good at complex IT sales for  small or mid-sized IT teams.

About SDHQ & SaaS Tools Reviews

This blog is an accumulation of knowledge, experience, curiosity, entrepreneurial spirit and ambitions combined. It is not limited to SaaS tools reviews only, however that is our main focus . We have so much to share. I feel I can bring value to people like me, but who are starting or developing their journey in technology or who do not have my experience or expertise.

This blog is for people, who are exploring the possibilities to move forward and to move faster, be it online entrepreneurship, sales, marketing, ai, project management, eLearning and online courses, freelancing or any other techy related field. 

What I learned is that writing is an amazing technique to systemize thoughts, get a clearer picture, make more impact in real life and set deeper connections with like-minded people. So I want to do it in a way that somebody else can also benefit from it.

Important Notice

There are a couple of more things I want to mention here. 

You will find many articles on the pages of this blog: definitions and explanations of “geeky” terms, software tools list posts (for example, best webinar software, best online course platforms, best ai writing software etc.), comparisons and SaaS tools reviews. Our aim is to simplify  and explain technology so that it is easier for you to choose the appropriate one according to your needs and goals. This is the key. Though please remember, that none of our posts and reviews is an endorsement of any particular tool, software or application we write about.

We do not endorse. We explore, analyze features and share our thoughts, but it is absolutely impossible to be aware of specific needs of every visitor to our site, we do NOT know your individual situation and requirements. So. No endorsement and no professional advice here. Just our thoughts and those thoughts can be subjective. We welcome you to benefit from our blog, but the decesions on trying or using any particular tool are only yours.

You also will notice that we don’t use many disturbing and annoying popups and banners on this site, it is our choice to keep it clean and clear. We are able to do this because we may allow affiliate links to be included on some of our pages. This means that we may earn a commission when you click on or make purchases via those links. As simple as that. It costs you absolutely nothing or, in many cases, you actually get a bonus by following our link as we always try to link to discounts and promotions if there are any available from our partners. This model gives us possibility to write more interesting articles diving deep into each topic and not to charge you a subscription fee.

If we decide to put any advertisement banners, they will always look neat and marked as “advertisement” or “sponsor”.

Thank You For Being Here

As I’ve mentioned, I am 100% sure that the most valuable thing in my life is not any piece of knowledge itself, but the habit of constant pivoting and learning. I am a strong believer in self-education. 

If you are visiting this blog, then, I am sure,  you are pretty much like me. You are a person who asks questions. And that means a lot. There is no need to explain to you how important self-education is in the world where, with some exceptions,  keeping the same position or role for years is no longer evidence of high expertise and actually can mean the opposite. 

Today we live in a  world where creativity, flexibility, open-mindedness combined with the  ability to consistently pursue inner goals is becoming the number one asset.

If you have any questions about our SaaS tools reviews or would like to hear our opinion about a tool you are about to try – drop us a line and we will consider reviewing it for you.

I really  hope you find valuable information here, which will help you to achieve everything you want and dream about. Remember – only the one who asks questions is able to find the answers.

Thanks again for being here and I wish you all the best in your life.